Semi- Private Fishing Tours | Semi - Private Inland Fishing Tourism - Sunset Tour

 "Local Captain Anthi and her husband Nick will pick you up from your hotel or the closest meeting point to your hotel. Our vehicle is a white nine-seat luxury mini van.

Your tour will start right away as Captain Anthi is local, so you can ask her about anything you want on your way to the fishermen shelter in Vlychada.
As soon as you arrive at Vlychada, you may want to take some pictures at this scenic, picturesque fishermen port with the colourful boats and the local fishermen.
You will then get to see our fishing boat and learn how it works, while later on - if you wish and if the weather is appropriate - you will enjoy  coffee or tea on board.
Next stop will be Faros in Akrotiri.  This is the village we come from. We ‘ll be more than happy to introduce you to our family and offer you a rich meal with fresh fish or seafood, greek salad, tzatziki, fried white Santorini eggpland and zuccini mix, local tomato balls and bread.
Drinks such as local wine or beers or soft drinks are included, as well as bottled mineral water. In the end of the meal, mama Maria offers homemade dessert.
You ‘ll be enjoying this delicious meal at captain Anthi’s parents family-run restaurant, a place with the greatest reputation for its fresh fish on the island. The restaurant is decorated with fishermen's items and it would be our pleasure to share their stories with you.
Finally, you ‘ll visit  the famous Lighthouse and take photos of the unique Rock of the American Indian. (“Indianos” Rock). The Lighthouse is a ten-minute walk away but we could also drive you there to enjoy some great views of the caldera.
This spot is one of the best places to view the sunset from, so at the evening tour you ‘ll have the chance to enjoy the wonderful Santorini sunset.
At the end of the tour we drop you off at the place we picked you up from."

No real fishing is included in the tour